At Madré you will find a country kitchen producing a delicious array of freshly prepared foods for the soul. The beautiful views and natural surroundings.
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12 Du Toit St, Stanford, 7210

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We offer (half day, 1 day and 2 day ) cooking classes over 2 days with accommodation, activities and cooking courses with Madre all included. You will also have some free time to explore the local area.

Madre has been in the food and restaurant industry for 20 years, and her reputation speaks for itself. Groups of 6-12 can be accommodated, bring your significant other along for couple groups. Class bookings will only be on Wed-Friday, not on weekends. Harvest some veggies for the courses out of our own garden for the dishes to be made. Experience Stanford at its best, and Madre’s country style cooking. Simone Henckert will share some great ideas with interior design, and the manager at Perivoli Lagoon House.

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Cooking class bookings are from Wednesday to Friday
Restaurant bookings are from Thursday to Sundays

Phone: 076 585 1504
Email: morne.mtb@gmail.com

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We offer (half-day, 1 day and 2 day) cooking classes over 2 days with all included, accommodation, activities, cooking courses with Madre and some free time as well.
Class bookings will only be on Wednesday – Friday